The Xpert’s Secret

Every budding engineer dreams to be an expert expecting people to look at him in awe and with great respect.But becoming an expert is not child’s play.It requires something special.No,…I’m not talking about your innate abilities or talents.They do account for it, but there’s something much more interesting and important which I found out in the following articles:-

Here’s a superbly written article(supported by researched facts) by Kathy Sierra and Dan Russell on ‘How to be an Expert’ , which I decide to mention in my Blog as soon as I read it-
How to be an Expert

For some tips on Problem-Solving here is a wikihow article ‘How to Define a Problem’ : Defining a problem like Einstein

For some professional advice and tips on doing research, here is a link to an IIT Madras Thermal Science Professor’s Blog: The Unruled Notebook.

The IIT Professor’s Advice

Wanna know the all time genius Da Vinci’s secret and emulate him?Then don’t forget to read the following article !

Think like Da-Vinci

The MechE


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3 Responses to “The Xpert’s Secret”

  1. Rebecca J, Hawkins Says:

    Don’t know if you can help figure out an idea I have for an instalation art piece I’m doing for our SIUE Art on Campus, but after “Think like Da-Vinci” notation I’d lay money that it’ll take someone with a mechanical engineer’s degree to solve it. I’m building two parallel door size poly glass enclosed units, completely encased but hollow. Inside will contain some kind of material, ( I thought magnetic powder would work), that when a person would walk between the two units the powder would undulate or fall downward then rise after the person exited. Much like a security gate at the airport but the symbolism and beauty would be obvious and beautiful. Any ideas?
    Rebecca J. hawkins (

  2. Mark Sneed Says:

    You can’t ever be an expert at everything, but if you want to get some training in PLC, Siemens, Allen Bradley, or Wonderware, the website listed below is a great place to start!

  3. Bradley Elliot Says:

    get some training for something aggressive.

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