I Love Mechanical Engineering continues!

Its going to be 7 years since I entered my bachelors course in Mechanical Engineering.. I still love every bit of this branch.. and am fascinated by its beauty every day… I see I’m related to not just science and technology but also to the arts and sports!

LOve strory continues.. but yet to invent something guys! 🙂


7 Responses to “I Love Mechanical Engineering continues!”

  1. Tony Says:

    i have a question to all engineers please help me

    i gonna buy from Europe some shoe making machines and i use this Machines in Canada , but voltage its different between Europe and Canada , we able to use one converter to match in Canada voltage Requirement , please help

  2. Patrick Matherne Says:

    Glad you are enjoying it. Which area of mechanical engineering fascinates you the most?

  3. jose mathew Says:


    In india its seems like its too hard to find a job in mechanical, jobs are dependent upon marks or recommendation. I am fond of this branch and every aspect of it amazes me to this very moment.
    I used to enjoy my b.tech life and hence my results went bad, but i do believe that im more than capable of whats on the marklist so giving a shot at gate and there-by m.tech for a fresh start….!!
    i hope it wont end up in disaster

  4. Madi Says:

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  5. Madi Says:

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  6. Bradley Elliot Says:

    Mechanical Engineering jobs is most skillful nature of things.

  7. Juan Franco Says:

    Jaja, that´s real, the dream of any Engineer is invent something 😀

    This is my second year i´m working as Mechanical Engineer. The pay is not very well here in Argentine, but i also love my work.

    Excellent blog.
    Good luck bro!
    Juan Franco.

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