Top 10 Reasons – Why should one be a Mechanical Engineer ?

1.You get the opportunity to create something tangible and useful.Ur creations will be used by others.It gives u the greatest joy.

2.Its the broadest branch of engineering…so your career options are open even after u graduate:-

Defence,Civil services,High end R&D,Manufacturing,Design,Energy sector,Management,Entrepreneurship,Masters(ME/MS)

3.Variety to be learnt- u learn how to design and make things ranging from a Safety Pin to a Spacecraft.

4.Easy to imagine and visualize whatever u learn

5.Develop a range of skills – u learn the work of a machine operator (machinist), a smith, a foundryman, a mechanic,a plant manager,a researcher and a policy maker.

6.U work with massive machines (majestic in nature) to tiny precision instruments,micro and nano devices.

u’ll be savviest engineer.

7.Importance of ur work.U form the human resource that is required for the survival of any industry and forms the backbone of modern human life.u r the person who may generate power/energy from natural resources,make equipments and processes to mine minerals,make cars, bikes ,buses, trucks, planes,ships(transportation can be compared to human blood that transports nutrients), make machines that manufacture products ranging from food to surgical instruments to weapons,mange factories and businesses.

8.Get paid handsomely(after gaining a few years experience even if not as a fresher).

9.Not much of girls hanging around(they usually don’t prefer to opt for this course,its thought to be a manly course).U dont have to worry about getting dressed perfectly for class or for girls giggling at u for some silly or not so silly but serious reason.Ur in a man’s world.But there are a few out of the ordinary and brainy girls who do take up this course and luv it.

10.It sounds and feels nice to be called a Mechanical Engineer.

The MechE


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30 Responses to “Top 10 Reasons – Why should one be a Mechanical Engineer ?”

  1. Alagappan Says:

    keep posting…. nice blog….

  2. Rajagopalan Says:

    I, being a mechanical engineering student proud to study this on reading the reasons listed by you .Keep on rocking .MECH ROCKS…………..

  3. chemionix Says:

    Mechanical engineers are in demand in various well paid segments like automobiles, space centers, trucks, airplanes, and trains among others. They would also be dealing with many other useful activities like the economical combustion of fuels and the application of mechanical energy to do various tasks.Mechanical Engineering offers a strong base for professional engineering practice, and in many other related segments.preparing project mechanical engineering is the key to success. No matter what type of project you choose, make sure you take the time to consider all relevant factors.

  4. GarethW Says:

    Hi – some great work here. I particularly like this post. I was just wondering if you’d like to have your own mechanical engineering blog on my site, the Mechanical Design Forum? You might find a better and appreciative audience than here, and would probably receive more feedback. We now have over 6,000 members, lots of traffic, and your latest posts would also get showcased on the main page of our new mobile apps! (Details of mobile apps:

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    Just a thought, but keep up the good work anyhow!


    • engineermechanical Says:

      thanks a lot.. but i stopped blogging a few years back.. but think i’ll make a come back after seeing the activities in ur forum.. ur site’s pretty good..nice work 🙂

    • GarethW Says:

      Thanks glad you like the site. Hope to see you aound there!

  5. Ray Says:


  6. mohammad amaan Says:

    brilliant reasons

  7. Madhan Says:

    I want a job.

  8. Ajongbade solomon Says:

    Gud course

  9. ODEH ADAH Says:


  10. Marvelous oladeebo Says:

    Dou am nt yet a mechanical engineer bt i blv this wil help

  11. ayantoye Says:

    Is it the Right Career for Me?
    Like other career paths, the entry into this particular branch of engineering also requires you to possess certain basic traits. First and foremost, you must have a penchant for mechanical components and machinery and how these machines work. Then you must be good at physics, chemistry and mathematics. You must also have skills such as an analytical bent of mind, logical reasoning and problem solving. Further, you must have immense patience, physical strength, ability to work for long hours and an inventive spirit that are essential ingredients for becoming a successful mechanical engineer.

  12. Santosh Badari Says:

    Nice reasons to choose mechanical engineering
    I learnt some more information about
    My branch proud to be a mechanical engineer

  13. Noor Atiq Says:

    Sounds good . I’ve decided to do this course and want to be a proud ENGINEER.

  14. zulfahmiomar Says:

    Reblogged this on zulfahmiomarmenulis and commented:
    nice one!!

  15. muhammad faris Says:

    I’ll use these points for my iv next week. TQ

  16. greengrass Says:

    How about using what you learnt, and use correct spelling and grammar……

    • engineermechanical Says:

      Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll edit my articles. I just wrote what came to my mind and didn’t care about the spelling and grammar. I didn’t know it would be taken seriously and piss off my readers. Suggestion accepted.

  17. royal mech Says:

    yaa its a best choice,but strugle or challenge for freshers….never mind ,work hard,then you will be the star.royal mech….

  18. kaydee-marakay Says:

    what a palatable masterpiece.thanks a lot.

  19. Says:

    We have been several volunteers and commencing the latest program in our neighborhood. Your internet site offered you along with very helpful facts to be effective upon. You could have performed an impressive work and all of our total local community shall be happy to you personally.

  20. zahid Says:

    if you hold degree in mechanical engineering can u get job in automobile industry or u have to do degree in automobile engineering….. plz reply fast. give some additional info to get job in worldclass automobile industries…..

    • engineermechanical Says:

      You can definitely get a job in the automobile industry if you hold a mechanical engineering degree. In fact mechanical engineering is the mother of all engineering branches. Sometime mechanical engineering graduates are more favoured than the specialist automobile or aerospace engineers since they have a greater breadth of knowledge!

  21. garry gurjinder Says:


  22. Says:

    I’m gone to convey my little brother, that he should also pay a quick visit this website
    on regular basis to take updated from most up-to-date news update.

  23. arun gupta Says:

    many many thank for suggestions.

  24. shevorth Says:

    Would be a good Article, if you would not use your Iphone Slang in it, this is article, not a SMS Message, dont use “ur” to repace “Your” its 2 more letters, do not use “U” to replace “You”… Come on. type it or forget about it please.

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