Mechies! Are we underpaid and overworked?

I knew even before I entered this world of mechanical engineering that I’ll not be getting as handsomely paid as my colleagues in the Software/IT field. But I had hope that some time the world would recognize the worth of  mechanical engineers and start paying them more. And I believed money is not important – its personal satisfaction that matters the most! But over these six years – my change from a teenager to a young man in his twenties has changed my thinking too. I realized that the kind of money that my friends in the field of Information Technology and Management was much beyond what an average mechie earns. The salary that a mechanical engineer earns at the end of his career is what the IT guy earns after just 4 or five years of experience.

Though one can argue that the satisfaction a mechanical engineer gets with his job is higher because he is doing something that he likes, the stark reality is that most mechies who graduate out of college are not given pure technical or engineering jobs. They do techno-management works like managing the labour, placing order and maintaining supplies. The result is that they hardly use anything that they learrn in college. Thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, theory of machines, manufacturing sciences, industrial engineering – all get erased from the mind. They remain no more mechies but managers.  The only exception where people really do a bit of mechanical engineering is usually the product dvelopment & R&D departments.

All these mechie turned managers work for almost 12  hours a day and earn only a fraction of what their counterparts in the IT or finance field earn. This makes me think – why this discrimination?  But I get the answer once I think about the fate of those engaged in agriculture – their work is more important and vital for survival than anyone else. But they get paid the least. Its all in the game.

Besided no one stopped me from earning more. What if I get paid less? Its an opportunity for me to start my own business and pay other mechanical engineers much better. Lets see..



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14 Responses to “Mechies! Are we underpaid and overworked?”

  1. saurabh Says:

    Absolutely right . if you are working on the latest technology you ll be paid more . All the things like iphones and smart tv are so expensive so obviously their engg will be paid high and those producing wheat and jowar are earning low cos they are doing nothing new … and unfortunately mech is d oldest branch , so u dont get paid high unless u r working on sumthing which is new to d world 😉 all d best

  2. Mechanical engineering pay / salary Says:

    I think mechanical engineering is one of the highest paid professions in this world. No doubt work load is greater in all jobs these days. But i am sure about this fact that mech engrs are best paid with high average salaries.

    • engineermechanical Says:

      yes..maybe a few lucky ones..but most of my mechie friends are paid lower than mgmt or software, finance & consulting guys

  3. Hello Engineers Says:

    Yeah money is not important. Being a mechanical engineer and serving the nation on various projects gives you a feeling that you are the best.

  4. Alyssa Andrews Says:

    I am a 14 year old student from Alabama and I want to be a mechanical engineer when I get older. This makes me wonder. They choose to pay less to the people that keep things working. I understand that I am only 14 and may bot be getting to full picture here. Then again what happens if they stop working until they get paid more? Then what? We have no body to make sure that things stay running. No body can fix things. So what then? What will the people that just a few days ago were “Ok” with the situation and now their the ones “Oh yes I agree they should be paid more for their hard work”

    • engineermechanical Says:

      thats a really innocent question by a teen aspiring to be a mechanical engineer.. if mechies stop working, the world will stop running..and anyway I just said the salaries are lower, mechies are not subject to poverty..they get decent salaries…

      But I hope things change for the better before you graduate.. the field is evergreen.. Mechanical Engineering is the mother of all engineering there is a lot of scope, lot of jobs and lots of things to be lots of money.. just keep your hopes high

  5. ajit Says:

    will mechies ever be paid higher salaries??

  6. ajit Says:

    my name is ajit and i am doing my mtech in machine design. can you please suggest me the job prospects for a machine design engineer?

  7. Shiva Says:

    I am a mechanical engineering student…now going to second year..I like this post..Now it motivates me to do something useful to the world with my knowledge..My knowledge should help some people..Let me not worry about the income i get..ofcourse i need to earn money for surviving well in this kind of society..Let me not become a prey to those IT industries..

  8. Resolve India Says:

    Over a period of time, that difference can be reduced if we can develop ourselves continuously.

  9. Bradley Elliot Says:

    overworked by technical things is most prominent in the tech. jobs marketplaces.

  10. Fahad Says:

    Mechanical engineering is a desirable vocation. With the exception of several other benefits, the mechanical engineering pay, which is greater than most salaries that bachelor degree holders get, is one of the foremost draws into this line of business.

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